Thursday, 27 February 2014

February stitching and IHSW

I can't believe that February is already almost gone!!
This month I stitched only on Sampler aux Boquets and I've finished part 1:
I had some problems while stitching it, I've been visited by nasty frogs and that big bird at the bottom had to be re-stitched.
I hoped to work on it during IHSW last weekend and to get a lot of part 2 done but I didn't.
The weather was just gorgeous, sunny and warm, a little bit of spring anticipated: it was too bad to stay inside so the stitching time was very limited and this is all I've stitched:

 Anyway, I'm really pleased with how it's turning out and I want to stick with it until it will be all done.

As I've previously said, this year I really want to focus on my wips with NO new starts... that said I've just bought Paradigm Found (the Big Brother of Paradigm Lost) by Julia Line at Long Dog Samplers and the first 3 sheeps of "Little Sheeps Virtues" by LHN...

Hope to be back soon with new progress.

Happy stitching!


Kate N said...

How are the WIPs coming along? I hope you havent given in to temptation and new starts :) Oh how I love a new start!

Chris said...

Ciao, comme stai.. I am learning Italian!
Super stitching, I have stitched this design and love it.. aren't the colours so fresh looking. I have join.. OPAM which is way to work through your wips and finish One Project A Month!
Hope you get some of them near to completion, it's tough isn't it when life gets in the way of crafting!!LOL

A presto...
Ciao Chris

Glengary Glenros said...

Cool patchwork

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