Sunday, 30 September 2012

September Stitches

Dear friends, here I'm for another monthly recap!
First of all, let me tell a big WELCOME to my brand new followers, I'll be checking your blogs soon.
I've fallen a little back with my commenting again but I'll manage to find the time to come and visist all the blogs I follow, I promise. I love your blogs they're all so inspiring, so I'm not at all abondoning you all!

My September hasn't seen lots of stitching done, I even had a very important start to make but I really didn't manage it.

I'm still trying to keep up with the Theme-a-licioius sititching, and the theme for September being stitching smalls, I've decided to stitch my Red Thread by Bent Creek, which is a collection of 12 small pieces.

I started this one back in January, planning to stitch a block a month, but I managed the routine just until February. I hoped to be able to stitch all the blocks from March to September but I only stitched March, April, Many and I've started June.

Back in February


The result of my September Stitching can also be seen through my ORT jar

Finally I started a crochet blanket, a giant granny square, inspired by the vintage version of Bunny Mummy

May October bring you plenty of time to stitch!