Sunday, 4 March 2012

Theme-a-licious: Fangirl February and March Madness

Finally a post!
I'm so sorry, I really want to post more frequently but it seems impossibile for me to get more than a post a week.
Also this week I started work so now I've got a lot less time to stitch/crochet/knit/read blogs/comment on blogs/post on my own blog than I had in the last months.
I'm catching up with everyone, but I had more than 100 posts to read so it's taking a little time!

Now on Theme-a-licious: I was really looking forward this month, to dedicate it all to my dear Mirabilias, but in the end I didn't stiched a lot on my JGF.

Anyway, now 2 wings are done, with sooo many beads! There are 415 right now, counted one by one!

Now a little preamble: I'm a lazy girl who hates to switch between big projects because I hate to take them on and off the scroll frames! So I try to work on a big project for a long time, like a month, and then put it off and put on something else.
So now I've got JGF on the big scroll frame, but I really should be finishing Calendar Cats and I really should be putting some stitching on La balancoire, and I should to this because now we're on March Maddness, working on something different everyday, but I really can't bring myself in putting JGF off the frame right now!
Also next moth will be Amazon April, work on your biggest project, which will be my old time wip Paradigm Lost. So at the end of March I'm going to put JGF off the frame and put PL on, but this will mean that my poor cats and the little baby on the swing won't see a stitch until May!

So I guess I should really get a grip, put JGF down and work on the other 2... but maybe I can leave them to the last 2 days of March so maybe I can manage to put some more beads (read all of them and finish her) on my JGF.

Sorry for this crazy rambings!!!!

As for March Maddness, which is alredy driving me a little crazy ;) I'll make a post a week, with the recap of what I will have madly done during it!