Saturday, 25 February 2012

Finally IHSW and TUSAL

Finally an update!
My IHSW wasn't so productive, it included a small stitching but a lot of beading!
Here's JGF with (I don't know how many) beads on!

During the week I managed to almost finish that wing, with many other beads!

As for the TUSAL this is it, with a lot of white from JGF wing:

As always I'm making many things with hooks and needles, but I can't find the time to post about it, hope to find it in the future.

As for the future, a very happy non stitching news: I found a job! Starting Monday, I'm so excited!

Happy stitching!

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Late Theme-a-licious and IHSW

I'm late with my Theme-a-licious check in, but I haven't stitched a lot lately, got caught in two knitting projects (more of that to come), so I've neglected my little fairy.
But now it's time for another IHSW so I stitched a lot this morning and plan to stich more today and tomorrow.
Here's JGF after today's morning stitch: half a wing done, lots of beads to come! I've already put more the 100 beads on her! I'm going to count them to see how much mad I am to stitch something so full of blings!

As the theme of February is to work on something from your favourite designer, I'm doing this also with crochet. My favourite is wonderful Lucy of Attic24. She's just come out with the tutorial for the Happy Flower Decoration and I could not wait to give it a go, so here it is:

I thought I ran out of the dark green yarn so this is where I left the stem:

But after a more careful rumagging in my yarn bag, I found I still have plenty to finish it!

Happy IHSW, crocheting, kintting to all!

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Secret Stitching Sweetheart Revealed

First of all I want to thank again Jo for this nice idea of the Secret Stitching Sweetheart, I found a lot of lovely blogs through it!

Then I say a big THANK YOU to Mouse who stitched this really nice piece that I received.

Finally this is the one I stitched "Love" from the Snapper series "The Red Thread" from Bent Creek, it was sent to Kathy, and I'm so happy she liked it.

A new post coming soon because today it's February 15st so it time for the Theme-a-licious check in!

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Secret Stitching Sweetheart

Hi and happy Valentine's Day!
The picture I'm posting today was sent me from Jo who organized the Secret Stitching Sweetheart: all the partecipants have sent a picture of a heart to Jo, she randomized them and send one of them to every partecipant, this is the one she sent me:

This heart with the litte mouse and the poppys is so cute! Can't wait to see who is my secret stiching sweetheart!

Now I'm off to Jo's blog to check all the blogs of the others partecipants to see who got my picture, so I'll reveal myself as her secret stitching sweetheart!
So much fun, I hope Jo will organize this next year too!

Saturday, 4 February 2012

February Wipocalypse: many stitches and a happy news!

In the last days I managed to get a lot of stitches done: good for the Wipocalypse check in.
I worked on HOAN for the italian board LHN sal: my goal for the month was to stitch half of the house and it's done.

Then I stitched something for the Secret Stitching Sweetheart organized by Jo, so no pic yet, you'll have to wait until Valentine's Day!

Finally I started Chrsitmas Rules for the italian board Lizzie Kate sal: my goal is to stitch two blocks a month, so I'm already late!

Don't ask me why the word "Christmas" is of two different reds: I've stitched it with DMC 321, of which I have to skeins. I used both without noticing any difference and the end of the word turned out darker! Can you see any differences between these two?!

And I also managed a few stitches on Floral Posy too, the snow was good and let me go over at boyfriend's twice this past week. Sorry no pics of it but are just a very few stitches!

And then, see where beads have appeared:

Her wings are still unfinished, but today when I put her back on the frame I couldn't resist and I put a few beads on!

For the happy news, today I passed my last exam at university! Yay!!

Until next time, happy stitching (and crocheting and/or knitting) to you all!

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Theme-a-licious: Jardin January and Fangirl February

I'm a little late for the Theme-a-licious check in, but I've been very busy latley.
Yesterday I had my last but one exam at university which went pretty good, only one to go now!!!
And then I had my very first job interview, I was so nervous!! I have another one tomorrow and another one on Mondaly next week! I do hope so much to find a job now that universtiy is coming to an end!

Now on to more interesting news, for Jardin January I stitched only on Floral Posy by Vervaco which looks exactly as I showed you after the IHSW because we've been covered with snow these past days, so I couldn't go over at boyfriend and stitch on it this past week: hoping to make some progress tonight, hoping snow doesn't decide to show up again!

Floral Posy

For Fangirl February I'm stitching on Mirabilias of course!
I want to finish JGF and after that it's time for Royal Holiday to come out of the drawer!
She's been very neglected, didn't saw a single stitch in 2011!

My tiny start progress on Royal Holiday

JGF almost done!

But I'm so late in the SALs that I've joined on the italian board, so I'll have to sacrifice some time to stitch on them too!
I've still got to start Christmas Rules for the Lizzie Kate sal, while I'm so far behind on the Nimue sal, for which I'm stitching La Balancoire.

PS: But now I'm off to stitch something for the Secret Stitching Sweetheart: find out about it over at Jo's.