Sunday, 30 September 2012

September Stitches

Dear friends, here I'm for another monthly recap!
First of all, let me tell a big WELCOME to my brand new followers, I'll be checking your blogs soon.
I've fallen a little back with my commenting again but I'll manage to find the time to come and visist all the blogs I follow, I promise. I love your blogs they're all so inspiring, so I'm not at all abondoning you all!

My September hasn't seen lots of stitching done, I even had a very important start to make but I really didn't manage it.

I'm still trying to keep up with the Theme-a-licioius sititching, and the theme for September being stitching smalls, I've decided to stitch my Red Thread by Bent Creek, which is a collection of 12 small pieces.

I started this one back in January, planning to stitch a block a month, but I managed the routine just until February. I hoped to be able to stitch all the blocks from March to September but I only stitched March, April, Many and I've started June.

Back in February


The result of my September Stitching can also be seen through my ORT jar

Finally I started a crochet blanket, a giant granny square, inspired by the vintage version of Bunny Mummy

May October bring you plenty of time to stitch!


♥ Nia said...

Good progress! I hope October will bring you time to stitch a few more blocks on your wip :)
Have a great month!!!

Melissa said...

Red thread looks adorable. Great job!

I love the blanket too :)

Xeihua (Sara) said...

What a lovely progress, Red thread is really gorgeous and that blanket is beautiful :) I hope you can find some more stitching time in October :D

Kate N said...

Thats a cool blanket! I just learnt granny stitch and have started a blanket too - only mines all one colour although the yarn is variegated. Great stitching too.

Joysze said...

Looking forward to seeing more of your christmas piece, Valentina. It's really cute. :)

Love the blanket!

Caitlin Jordan said...

gorgeous stitching and lovely blanket. The red thread project is great!

geeky Heather said...

Oh, I love Red Thread! Too cute. The giant granny square is looking great, too!

Anne said...

Valentina!! I've been wondering how you are! So sorry for the late comment...been so busy. Gorgeous progress on your Red Thread! So cute!! That granny blanket looks so soft and cuddly!