Tuesday, 29 May 2012


Finally the time has come for the Ta-Dah of my big blanket!!
Even though I finished her already 8 months ago, I never gave her a proper TA-DAH moment, which I think my very first blanket deservers!
I saw I was coming near the big number so I carefully posted because I wanted it to be THE post of THE BIG BLANKET.

I'm teasing you with the close ups of some of my favourite squares....

Now first of all, the story of this blanket, that is also the story of why I learned to crochet...
Back in September 2010 my dear BF was so kind to bring me to a fair of girly crafts, stitching, knitting, crocheting and so on... after half an hour he was alredy bored to death!

Anyway, while we're there I saw some gorgeous patchwork blankets, so I told him I'd like to learn to sew properly to make one. But he said that he didn't like them at all, he liked the crocheted blankets that his mum and his aunt had made for him when he was a little guy. And in the end he said "Why don't you make a crochet blanket?"

So here I was, learning to crochet to make my dear boyfriend a brand new crocheted blanket.
I immediately decided for a granny square blanket because the patten was easy, it can be made a square at a time and then joining all at the end with the join as you go method wich I love and because I knew he would like the granny square pattern because it's the same of the other two blankets he has.

My inspiration was, as many other time has been, a creation of Lucy of Attic24, her own first blanket.

I started her in October 2010, making the very first squares, working on them from time to time, making other things in the middle like the bag or the decorations (of course other 2 great patterns of Lucy, you can see mine here).

Now that I see this picture I remember the lovely thing of blocking squares: it takes a lot ot time, but it's truly worth it!
In Febrauary I decided that the blanket would have been a great anniversary gift (our anniversary is in late September), so with a clear deadline ahead I knew how many squares I had to do each month to reach the goal.

In the end I finished her (because THE BLANKET is always a SHE) just some days before our anniversary, and I was very happy to see how much BF loves her.
She now sits on the sofa of his living room (sorry no pic of her in her actual dwelling place).

Now do you wanna see her??




Sitting on my parents bed in all her colorful, square glory!

Finally, some facts about her:
- 11 x 8 = 88 squares in total
- border made in simple granny, 4 rounds
- yarn: blend 70% wool 30% acrilic
- colours: around 20, the pic shows the first that I bought but I added others along the journey

- balls: i think something between 30 and 40!!

Hope you liked this TA-DAH, others are on their way, I promise I won't take so many months to write them!

See you in a couple of days for the May Memories round up and the projects for Jumanji June... I foresee a big HD there!

Happy crafting!


Anonymous said...

Hi Valentina

Congratulations on finishing your blanket - I love it, it's gorgeous!

The colours you used are so cheerful and I hope you and you BF enjoy using it!

Linda said...

Wow Valentina. Congrats on your first crochet project. It is gorgeous. Granny squares are very addictive and I see many more in your future. You did a great job. Love all the colors.


Diane (di) said...


Congratulations Valentina. :) Beautifully crocheted and the colors are wonderful. I'm dancing with you big time!!

Ewa said...

That's absolutely amazing, Valentina! Congratulations on your EPIC finish AND on 100 posts!

Jennifer said...

She is Beautiful!!!!!! I so want to make one now!