Friday, 6 January 2012

Theme-a-licious and Wipocalypse

I decided to sign up for these two SALs beacuase they look quite fun, and I think they'll give me the opportunity to reduce the number of my wips!

Theme-a-licious is hosted by Heather at It's geek to me: the idea is that every month is dedicated to a theme, and your stitching have to match it.
Now is Jardin January so I've decided to work on Floral Posy a kit by Vervaco that I've already done once. I started it last year but I put just a very few stitches on that.
I'll post a picture of the wip on the 15th and on the 31th of January.
I'm in another two SALs on an italian board, and for those I'm stitching La balancoire and Home of a needleworker, both calls for a wip update at the end of the month so I'll stitch on those two also. If I could dedicate the entire stitching time of the month to Floral Posy I think I could finish it.
But I've got to admit that right now I'm stitching on January Garnet Fairy, I'm back in love with her and I really can't put her aside.

The other themes are:
Fangirl Febrauary: stitch something of your favourite designer
March Madness:stitch something different everyday
Amazon April: work on you biggest project
Jumanji June: work on a project that involves animals
Jolly July: work on Christmas designs
Altius Augst: learn something new or achieve a goal
September Smalls: stitch some smalls
Obligation October: work on some gifts
Nail it November: work on something close to its finish an turn it into a HD
Delightful December: work on what you prefer

As for Wipocalypse, is hosted by Melissa at Measi's Musings: the idea of this is really simple: since it looks like the world will end at the end of 2012 we can't leave our wips unfinished, so this year we have to concentrate on them to try and finish all of them by December 21th,2012!!!

Here are the wips that I'm planning to work on:
1 - January Garnet Fairy - Mirabilia (more then half done, I'll finish it!)
2 - Royal Holiday - Mirabilia (just a few stitches - I'd like to finish it)
3 - Calendar Cats - Margaret Sherry (11 out of 12 cats already done, I'll finish it!)
4 - La balancoire - Nimue (just started but it's not a big chart, I think I can finish it)
5 - V is for Valentine - Victoria Sampler (same as above)
6 - Tree of stitches - Abi Gurden (halfway through, I'll finish it!)
7 - Home of a Needleworker - Little House Needleworks (still a lot of stitches to be done, but I'm confident it'll turn into a HD!)
8 - Spot of - Drawn Thread (I really want this to be finished, I think it'll be my goal for Altius August!)
9 - Paradigm Lost - Long Dog Sampler (the goal here is to finish page 3 and stitch both pages 4 and 5!!!, it'll be on air on Amazon April!)
10 - Christmas Rules - Lizzie Kate (new start)
11 - The red thread - Bent Creek (new start)
12 - Season Kittens - Dimension (I start this after finishing Calendar Cats)
13 - Degree - Tatty Teddy (I stitch this after I graduate, don't know yet if it'll be in March or July)

All my other wips aren't a priority so I'm not putting them on the list, but I'll ty to put some stitches on them too, maybe on March Madness!

So as you can see I have a lot of stitches to do, but this year I'd like to stitch more and crochet less, since this last year I crocheted so many things!

Can't wait to see the progresses of everyone else on these SALs!


♥ Nia said...

Theme-a-licious sounds fun!!
But I have so much to stitch already :p
How is that March Madness.. 31 new starts in March?!
I don't have wips for wipocalypse.. I have only one that I'm current stitching now and really hope to finish this month, Bluebell :)
Good luck to achieve your goals for 2012!! Have a great year :D

geeky Heather said...

You have a great list of WIPs! Thanks for joining Theme-a-licious! =)