Monday, 23 January 2012

A frogging IHSW and TUSAL

Hi there!

First, welcome to my brand new followers!

Here I am with the progress of the IHSW: as the title says it involved some frogging... but this is bound to happen since it seems I lost the ability to count to four!
This is Red Thread before the IHSW:

I had to frog all the pale blue xxx because they were misplaced, just one thread over the border, not two. I had already started to stich the snowman when I realised so it had to be frogged too! And I also misplaced one of the eyes, so frogging again!
Anyway in the end I managed to get rid of all those frogs, and I finished the block.

But with all this frogging going on HOAN didn't see the light in the weekend!
While at boyfriend's I stitched on Floral Posy

Finally a picture where you can clearly see where it has been already stitched and where not.
When I showed the picture for the Theme-a-licious I said that all the dark green has been already stitched last year (I had frogs in my mind when I wrote it), because as you can see in that pic, lots of dark green stitches were still to be done!!!
Now, they're all done, along with some olive green.

That all for the IHSW, sorry I've been really wordy!

My first TUSAL pic!!!

Full of pinks and oranges from JGF.
If you don't know about TUSAL, take a look here, you can still join the fun!!
I remember that I promised two crochet HD, I try to squeeze them during the week!


Diane (di) said...

Valentina, you got a lot accomplished this hermitty week-end. :) Congrats on banishing the frogs and finishing the block. He is so cute. Floral Posy looks wonderful, too!

Melissa said...

Your snowman looks cute! Sorry to hear about all that frogging-never fun to do.

Kate said...

i had frogs visit too, looks like you made wonderful progress! :)

geeky Heather said...

Well, despite all the frogging, you still made a lot of progress! =)

Heli said...

You got all that done in spite of the frogs? Wow, your needle has been busy! I really like that snowman. :)

Anonymous said...


Your snowman project is lovely despite all the frogs.

Joysze said...

Not wordy at all. So sorry you had to double frog. :( That sucks. Posy looks so pretty!! I love it.

Linda said...

I love your red thread. Makes me want to dig it out and start it. I love your blog and so enjoy seeing all your stitching and crocheting (I also love to crochet). Great job.


Tammy said...

sorry the frogs paid you a visit, I didn't see them this weekend but they always show up here during the week sometime

Ziggyeor said...

Darn frogs! He looks adorable though! Good luck on the flowers!
Cute orts.

♥ Nia said...

Lovely stitching :) the snowman is adorable!! =)

TammyK said...

Awww... your little snowman is so cute :-)

Mangogirl said...

gorgeous stitching. Such lovely progress once the frogs left!

The Maiden said...

I am so sorry you heard "rippits"! But it seems you are over the frog calls because Posy is looking amazing!

Ewa said...

Those pesky frogs! I hope you're rid of them for good!

Patches said...

Hope the frogs stay away! Love the snowman