Tuesday, 3 January 2012

2011 recap! very pic load post

I've been so busy during the holidays, that I've been away both from blogland and from all my works. I've just finished reading all the post that I'd left behind (when I've opened Google Reader it was saying 83 unread post!!!)

I wish you all a Happy New Year.

Welcome to my two new follwers: Leonie and Shebafudge.

For the 2012 I've signed up for many SAL, but more on this will come later, because now I'd like to make a little recap of everything that I've worked on this last year. You'll see many things that I've never shown before and that I'll show you better in a dedicated post.

As for stitching:

Two bibs and two pacifier carriers - Finished July 2011

Forest Goddes by Mirabilia - Finished October 2011

January Garnet Fairy by Mirabilia - WIP

Calendar Cats by Margaret Sherry - WIP still the December cat to go

La balancoire by Nimue - WIP

V is for Valentine - Victoria Sampler - WIP

DMC color card - WIP

Tree of stitches by Abi Gurden - WIP

Home of a needleworker by LHN - WIP

Other WIPS that didn't see a single stitch in 2011

Forest Snowfall - CCN

Winter welcome - CCN

Spot of - The Drawn Thread

Paradigm Lost - Long Dog Sampler

C'è una strada nel bosco - Permin

Royal Holiday - Mirabilia

Herbs & Spices on an apron - Jeremiah Junction

As for crocheting:
Granny Square Scarf - Finished January 2011

Square basket - Finshed August 2011

Cell phone pouch - Finished August 2011

Scarf - Finished Augst 2011

Granny Square Blanket - Finished Spetember 2011

Little bowl - Finished September 2011

Place mat 1 - Finished December 2011

Place mat 2 - Finished December 2011
I've actually made 8 of these, while I was planning to make 13: 12 to use as place mats and 1 to gift, along with place mat 1, the 2 star decorations and the heart decoration to my boyfriend's mum for Christmas

Little Mitten decoration - Finished December 2011

Little Star decoration - Finished December 2011 looks more like a flower

Little Star decoration - Finished December 2011

Little Heart Decoration - Finished December 2011

2 Little Angel decorations - Finished December 2011
Forgotten to take a picture before bringing them to boyfriend's house

Little Christmas Socks - Finished December 2011
Sorry for the blurry pic!

Little shamrock brooch - Finished December 2011

Wrist warmers - WIP
Little flowers for a brooch - WIP

Patriotic flower for a brooch - WIP
Don't remember where I've found the pattern

Alpine Shawl - WIP

Ladybug amigurumi - WIP

Little granny square scarf - WIP

Granny square spike cushon cover - WIP

Granny sqaure flower pacth cushion cover - WIP

Blooming flower cushion cover - WIP

12 Little flowers for a watch

Some flowers from here

Some squares from here

As for knitting:

A hat fit for a boyfriend no.1 (for boyfriend) - Finished October 2011
A hat fit for a boyfriend no.2 (for me) - Finished November 2011
Safire cardigan - WIP

That's all folks! I have to tell you that I didn't realize that I've crocheted so many things! This new year I'd love to stitch more, but I need to have a fresh mind to do that or frogs are granted, while I can crochet even if I'm quite tired.

See you soon!


Ewa said...

What a great recap, and so many projects! I love the idea of doing a DMC color card - I might have to dabble with the idea of doing something like that... hmmmm...

Happy 2012!

Joysze said...

Wow... SO much accomplished, Valentina. They all look awesome :D My favorite is still the Sherry cats hehehehe.

Melanie said...

Such beautiful projects! I love the DMC color card; are you just making that up as you go?