Monday, 24 December 2012

Merry Christmas

Just a quick note to wish you all a 

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Coming back...

I was just having a look at my really neglected blog and I've found 3 brand new followers!
So I decided that I had to stop for a little while and say something.

First of all, I say hi and welcome to the new followers, it's always nice to see that someone has seen your works and have liked them so much to decide to follow you!!!

I'm sorry for this long absence, but I'm working late every day lately, and when I got home I'm always quite tired, so I don't even turn the pc on.
I've also a lot of your posts to go through, sorry if you haven't heard from me lately. Maybe I don't leave a comment but be sure that if I'm a follower of your blog I look at all your posts.

On the stitching front I have to say that I've completly lost my stitching bug, really sorry to say!!!!

On the other hand though, I caught the knitting bug, since I've been restlessly knitting for the past two months.

I've almost finished Safire by Hilary Smith Callis and last Sunday I've started Saroyan by Liz Abinante. These are two quite easy patterns that you can find in that wondrous world of wonders that's Ravelry!!!

I had already tried to knit Safire last autumn but I did a lot of miscalculations back then, with the result that I had to unravel it all!!!!

This time I've learned the lesson and it is quite finished by now.

As you can see the right sleeve is done, while the left one is still to come as the ribbed collar.

Here's the back
Please ignore the chaos that's on my bed, but notice the granny square blanket (a old-new project).

And a close up of the yarn, a self-striping blend of wool and acrylic, in a very wash out pic, sorry, the real colours are those of the above pics.

I've bought this buttons to go with it, because I loved them the exact moment that I've seen them but unfortunately they are too big for the charted buttholes, (note that I've bought them when I was already done with the buttnhole section) so I'm trying to find a way to use them just the same, I'll let you know if I'll be succesfull.

And this is my Saroyan, that I've called Autumn Leaves, I'm almost done with the increasing section

As I've said, I've completly lost my stitching bug, so no news from that front.

And no news from the crochet front either. The giant granny square that I've showed you in my last post is on hold. It started to twist pretty badly so I'm thinking of unravel it and start again.
I don't like the idea but I like even less the twisted granny squares!!!

That's all for now, thank you for stopping by!!

Sunday, 30 September 2012

September Stitches

Dear friends, here I'm for another monthly recap!
First of all, let me tell a big WELCOME to my brand new followers, I'll be checking your blogs soon.
I've fallen a little back with my commenting again but I'll manage to find the time to come and visist all the blogs I follow, I promise. I love your blogs they're all so inspiring, so I'm not at all abondoning you all!

My September hasn't seen lots of stitching done, I even had a very important start to make but I really didn't manage it.

I'm still trying to keep up with the Theme-a-licioius sititching, and the theme for September being stitching smalls, I've decided to stitch my Red Thread by Bent Creek, which is a collection of 12 small pieces.

I started this one back in January, planning to stitch a block a month, but I managed the routine just until February. I hoped to be able to stitch all the blocks from March to September but I only stitched March, April, Many and I've started June.

Back in February


The result of my September Stitching can also be seen through my ORT jar

Finally I started a crochet blanket, a giant granny square, inspired by the vintage version of Bunny Mummy

May October bring you plenty of time to stitch!

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

August stitches

Dear friends, another month has passed with no news from me. In the first days of August I thought that I would have plenty of time for posting during my 2 weeks of holiday. But in the end my holidays turned out so full that I really didn't manage one single post! But I've managed quite some stitching because the weather has been so hot around here that I've spend many hours inside.

 I've completely fall out of the schedule of the Theme-a-licious posting even though I try to theme-stitch a bit every month. In my last post I've showed you my progress on the December cat of Calendar Cats and since it was close to be finished I was hoping for a coming soon of a big Happy Dance, but since there's backstitch between me and that Happy dance, it has still to happen, the poor little cat still waits his whiskers!

The August Theme-a-liciuous was Altius August: Embrace the Olympic motto--Citius, Altius, Fortius (Faster, Higher, Stronger)--by elevating your mind. It's the perfect time to learn something new! Or maybe achieve some goals...

I went for achieving a goal: stitching the first eight blocks of Christmas Rules. I've only managed four and a little bith of the fifth before getting bored so I really didn't reached my goal but nevertheless is a steady progress on this one.

 Now the moon is almost full again and I'm late with the TUSAL!

There's my jar with lots of reds, pinks and purples on top: they come from the DMC Colour Card which for the first time this year received some attention. I've only showed this once, at the very end of 2011 when it looked like this.

And here it is

I've stitched a bit on this since I've been buying a lot of floss lately: I've decided to have the whole lot of DMC colours because I have a careful and well balanced choice to make, I have to choose all by myself, and I've never done it before, the colours of a design I'm about to stitch. I know this is the Wipocalypse year and I really shouldn't start (or let's say sholdn't have started, because I've alredy made some stitches) but you know how a brand new start makes you feel good. And I'm not talking of a just a brand new start, I'm talking about a brand new big and gorgous start, a design I've fell in love right the first time I saw it, a design that I've tried to resist for four months but in the end I had to start....

It's Around the World in 80 stitches by Papillon Creations!

The first stitches with one of the three already chosen colours, that's DMC 3345.
 I have to take another pic in daylight because in this one the colours are all different from the real ones!

That's all for the actual stitching but in these past weeks there has been a lot of planning future stitching... more to come! Happy stitching

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

I'm back

Hi all!
It's been a busy month this July, and just now I find a little time for posting.
First of all, maybe you'll happy to know that my graduation on the 18th went very well: my final mark was 109/110!! My mum and dad were so proud of me.
Another big news came some days later: I was confirmed at work for another 6 months!! Me soooo happy!!!!
 Then there is another big news, even bigger than these two, but since it's really important I want to make a special post about it, coming in the next days...

As for my stitching, I managed a little in the days before the graduation, while after that I stitched less and started trying to catch up on all your blogs, but I'm so far behind with that. It will take a lot of time, but you'll here from me.
Be sure that, if I'm a follower of your blog, I read all your posts, even though I don't leave so many comments.

Now it's time for some stitching pics:

First a Happy Dance: Home of a Needleworker is finished! I promise you a dedicated post and some better pictures than this:

Almost done with my last cat from Calendar Cats, another Happy Dance coming soon:

Christmas Rules by Lizzie Kate, started block 1:

And finally, even if I'm late, my TUSAL for July:

I'm sorry for this pic, I don't know way blogger puts it flipped on one side!!!

That's all for now, I hope to be here soon with some more detailed update. See you!!

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

All in one again and a little break

Sorry if I've been away from the blog for almost a month, but lately I'm more than busy, my graduation is due in less than a month and I'm struggling to finish my thesis before the daedline of July 13th! Working all day, I just can write it on evenings and weekends, that's not a lot of time, plus I can't stitch as much as I want :-(

So from now until July 18th (graduation day) I don't know if I'll manage to visit your blogs and to stitch a little bit, for sure I won't have the time to update the blog, so I'm doing it  now.
I really can't wait for July 18th to come!!!!

Anyway, onto stitchy notes, I howe you some update:

I still have to tell you about how my May Memories worked out: after working on "C'è una strada nel bosco", that is my oldest wip, which now looks like this:

I decided to not forget my latest wips, so I worked a little on Christmas Rules and I managed to finish the header:

And on HOAN, just a little lettering and it will be done.

Now, for Jumanmji June, I was bound to work on my Calendar Cats, it is so close to being finished!!

This is it before, just the December cat to stitch:

 And this is it now, December cat half done... a BIG HD is coming!

 I hope to be able to stitch a little in these days and maybe finish HOAN and/or CC.

I'm already telling you that in July I'll keep stitching on CC until it'll be done, then, for Jolly July I'l concentrate on Christmas Rules, I'll try to stitch 7 blocks and if there will be still time I'll stitch on Royal Holiday, my poor queen has been neglected for too long, I've started her before JGF and then I liked the fairy so much to push the queen aside.

Finally my TUSAL for June.

Hope everyone is fine, I'll be back for sure on July 18th, I'm already scared at the number I'll see in my Google Reader!
Until then

Happy stitching!

Tuesday, 29 May 2012


Finally the time has come for the Ta-Dah of my big blanket!!
Even though I finished her already 8 months ago, I never gave her a proper TA-DAH moment, which I think my very first blanket deservers!
I saw I was coming near the big number so I carefully posted because I wanted it to be THE post of THE BIG BLANKET.

I'm teasing you with the close ups of some of my favourite squares....

Now first of all, the story of this blanket, that is also the story of why I learned to crochet...
Back in September 2010 my dear BF was so kind to bring me to a fair of girly crafts, stitching, knitting, crocheting and so on... after half an hour he was alredy bored to death!

Anyway, while we're there I saw some gorgeous patchwork blankets, so I told him I'd like to learn to sew properly to make one. But he said that he didn't like them at all, he liked the crocheted blankets that his mum and his aunt had made for him when he was a little guy. And in the end he said "Why don't you make a crochet blanket?"

So here I was, learning to crochet to make my dear boyfriend a brand new crocheted blanket.
I immediately decided for a granny square blanket because the patten was easy, it can be made a square at a time and then joining all at the end with the join as you go method wich I love and because I knew he would like the granny square pattern because it's the same of the other two blankets he has.

My inspiration was, as many other time has been, a creation of Lucy of Attic24, her own first blanket.

I started her in October 2010, making the very first squares, working on them from time to time, making other things in the middle like the bag or the decorations (of course other 2 great patterns of Lucy, you can see mine here).

Now that I see this picture I remember the lovely thing of blocking squares: it takes a lot ot time, but it's truly worth it!
In Febrauary I decided that the blanket would have been a great anniversary gift (our anniversary is in late September), so with a clear deadline ahead I knew how many squares I had to do each month to reach the goal.

In the end I finished her (because THE BLANKET is always a SHE) just some days before our anniversary, and I was very happy to see how much BF loves her.
She now sits on the sofa of his living room (sorry no pic of her in her actual dwelling place).

Now do you wanna see her??




Sitting on my parents bed in all her colorful, square glory!

Finally, some facts about her:
- 11 x 8 = 88 squares in total
- border made in simple granny, 4 rounds
- yarn: blend 70% wool 30% acrilic
- colours: around 20, the pic shows the first that I bought but I added others along the journey

- balls: i think something between 30 and 40!!

Hope you liked this TA-DAH, others are on their way, I promise I won't take so many months to write them!

See you in a couple of days for the May Memories round up and the projects for Jumanji June... I foresee a big HD there!

Happy crafting!

Tuesday, 22 May 2012


First I want to welcome my last two followers, hi! I'm so glad you decided to follow me!

This past weekend had been a busy one: with such a weather, cold and rainy, I spent a lot of time inside, mainly stitching, but also crocheting a bit.

On Sunday we had a new moon, so it was time for

Here's my ORT jar: you can still see a little bit of blue from PL that I've stitched in April, then a lot of yellow from "C'è una strada nel bosco" and on top of that some red, from my Saturday IHSW stitching...

In the last months I missed the IHSW, but not this month!
I first stitched on Christmas Rules by L*K, restitching all the word Christmas I wasn't happy with ( you may remember it ) finished also the word rules, the snowman and the tree. Alas! for finish the header I'm missing two colors, a trip to my LNS is needed...

Then I stitched on HOAN by LHN, here's the progress...

And that's all for now. I'm off to have a look at yours IHSW progress!

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Wipocalypse and Theme-a-licious

I decided to postpone my Wipocalypse post because on the 6th of May I hadn't started to stitch on "A path in the wood" yet, so the only pic in the post would have been the one of my last progress on PL. So I waited until today, to share something else.
I finished page 1 of "A path in the wood"! YAY!!
I know it's not much, and there are still 7 pages left, but this a milestone for me!
I started this project before I started blogging, more than 5 years ago!!! It's a wonderful design but back then I was at the very begging of my stitching journey and it turned out to be far too difficult for me.
Enough talk, here's the pic

Next weekwnd is IHSW, I think that this month I'll hermit, the weather forecast says we're going to have a very dismal, wet and cold weekend, perfect to stay indoors enjoying some stitching!

If you want to hermit too, just hop over to Joszye's blog and sign up!

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Amazon April Theme-a-licious: a finish and a start

I've promised you a flowery post but I'm saving it for next week, since during the weekend there will be a floral fair in a nearby town, so more flowers to show you other than those I could show you today.

We're now into May, so it's time for the wrap-up of Amazon April Theme-a-licious: work on you biggest project. For me was Paradigm Lost by Long Dog Sampler.
 This is it on April 1st

I've managed to finish page 3

And start page 4

And this is the whole piece.

As Heather says: Now it's time for...

May Memories

Remember when you took that class? Or decided to commemorate that event? And then abandoned your poor WIP? Take a stroll down memory lane by working on it again.
She also suggests:  But you could also use this month to work on your oldest WIP(s)!

And that's what I'm about to do, for May Memories I'll be working on

 This piece is called "C'è una strada nel bosco" which means "There's a path in the wood" and I've found it on an Italian magazine. For now it's only a mass of blurs, but it will eventually transform into this:

Can't wait to see what you will stitch in the next 30 days!

Happy stitching!