Saturday, 23 July 2011

Stylish blogger award!!!

Many thanks to Jo who gave me this award!!!!!!
I'm really happy about it, not just for the fact that it's my first award, but becuase Jo awarded it to me (and to 7 other great blogs) beacuse she thinks it's a blog that needs a wider audience!!! Again, many thank you, Jo!!!
So, as I saw on her blog, I think that now I'm supposed to say 7 things about me and then pass the award to other blogs, lets start:

7 things about me...

1 - As my blog address says, I want red hair, because I've got a quite pale skin
and green eyes, so I've always thought that I'd look better with red hair. And
since I'm a natural blonde, I've been dying my hair red for 6 years now.

2 - I'm a huge fan of fantasy, here you can see all my fantasy books...

Italian series of fantasy

Some Harry Potter books in italian

All 7 Harry Potter books in english

The Lord of the Rings trilogy in italian and in english

More fantasy books!

3 - As Jo said I love cats, I've got four right now, here they are:





4 - I'm just 4 exams away from my degree in enviromental engineering, but if I
had the chance I would have studied herbal medicine!

5 - I've always had a thing for baby names! I first started thinking at my own
baby names when I was about 7 or so (quite early, don't you think?).
Right now I love the name Ginevra.

6 - I wont consider myself a real stitcher since I've stitched a Chatalaine, with which should I start?

7 - I'm a Mirabilia addict! There are so many other beautiful ladies, such as those of Joan Elliott or Passione Ricamo, but I think I'll never be able to stitch them, because I want to stitch all the Mirabilia that I like first and they're 60 out of a total of 115, and I'm leaving out all the pixies and all the other smaller designs, much of those I love too!!! I think this is going to take quite a while..

So those were the 7 things about me...

I'm giving this award to quite well known blogs, but they were my first followers, so I think they deserve it:

Stitchin' addiction by Kirstin
Theraby by thread by Blue
Stitchitandie by Andie
WeeStitchy by Bev
Katy's sit and stitch by Kathy

And I'm giving this award also to these blogs which I've been enjoying for some years now:
Garden of Stitches by Carol
A kiwi stitching by Katrina
Cozy Egg by Michele
Her Boudoir
Plush by Nicky
Purr-stitch by Veronica

Sunday, 17 July 2011

For a couple of twins

Last March one of my cousins gave birth to a gorgeous couple of twins, a baby boy and a baby girl, named Christian and Aurora.

So I picked up my needles and threads and I made two bibs and two pacifier carriers.

All together

Baby girl pacifier carrier

Baby girl bib

Baby boy pacifier carrier

Baby boy bib

Some close ups:

My cousin liked them a lot, and this wasn't the first stitched present she received for her babies, a friend of hers stitched a wonderful birth sampler with two little bears on it, really nice.

That's all for my first catch up post, I'll be back tomorrow!

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Lots of updates to come

I've just realized how many things I've made lately that I haven't shown here, both new projects getting started, some already finished, and a lot of progresses on old projects.

So I'll be back with lots of updates in the next days, hope you'll like what you'll see.