Sunday, 28 February 2010

Wip recap no.2

Another proof that I'm unable to focus on small pieces: back last summer I've began the last of the seasonal pillow of LHN, Season of Growth. The other three are still waiting to see it finished.

Wip recap no.1

This is the last LHN that I've started, back on autumn 2008. It seems I'm unable to focus on little pieces, they always took ages to get finished.
Since I like to sticht seasonally, after autumn 2008, I've worked on it a little this past autumn, and I'll try to finish it this upcoming one.
Hope to be successfull!

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Hardanger second try

While my first try is still a wip, back this autumn I decided to stitch another hardanger doily as a Christmas gift for my boyfriend's mother.
The original idea was to make it as big as one of their tables, so I made my boyfriend measuring it to be able to re-chart the design to match the table exactly.
It was a heck of a job, and then it turned out soo tiny!
Because, silly me, I didn't consider at all the fabric count!
It was meant to be 20ct, while I made it on 28ct, so it came out even smaller than I thought!

Anyway, apart for the dimensions I'm really pleased as it turned out, and most of all my boyfriend's mother liked it a lot.

A belated Happy Dance!

On the very last day on 2009 I managed to finish Memoris by Just Nan

Memories by Just Nan
28ct jobelan Pewter by Zweigart
April 2008 - December 2009