Friday, 1 January 2010

New Year!

Hello everyone!

I do really hope that this 2010 will be a better year, as for stitching, since 2009 wasn't good at all!

You can see this from my 2009 goal's review:
1 - Finish all the LHN, CCN wips: not one :-(
2 -Finish Memories and Calendar Cats: Memories finished on the very last day of the year, pic soon :-) but Calendar cats is still unfinished :-(
3 - Start and finish by December, 24th 2009 Royal Holiday by Mirabilia (anyone that would like to stitch it with me as a SAL is more than welcome!) I just say that this is my first goal for 2010!
4 - Stitch some new LHN and/or CCN: Sarted "Season of growth"
5 - Stitch the 4 Spot of by The Drawn Thread (already kitted up): Spring and summer done, autumn and Winter still to go.
6 - Stitch two pages of Paradigm Lost: Page 2 halfway done, the same for page 3.
7 - Finish page one of C'è una strada nel bosco: I haven't picked it up at all!

So very bad, as you can see! But I won't give up, I'm confident 2010 will be better, so....

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