Friday, 24 December 2010

Totally hooked!!!!!!!

I disappeared again for more than 2 months, sorry!
The fault is all of a little object called crochet hook, from which I've been kidnapped!!!
I decided to learn how to crochet because of my boyfriend: I told him I'd like to learn how to sew properly and by so being able to make him a patchwork blanket. But he told that he doesn't like such blankets, he preferes crocheted ones, like those that his mum and aunt had made for him many years ago, so here I am, buyng crochet hook and wool.
And now I'm totally in love with it!
I took all my needleworks and store them away.
Up till now I realized a bag for me, a scarf for him, and 2 Christmas decorations for his mummy: the bag and the decorations are two projects realized by Lucy of Attic24, she's really lovely!

Now I'm making a granny square scarf for myself: these squares are really addictive!

I'd try to get back to stitching in 2011, and to complete some of my too many stitching wips!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Starting Royal Holiday

Finish a project is always good, but it's better to start new ones, so, instead of finishing Forest Goddess, I started my second Mirabilia, Royal Holiday.

Really hard to start this one, becuase the colours at the center are relly close to the color of the fabric, which is Midas Touch by Silkweaver.
She's really a huge lady, and I know she'll take a lot to be finished, but it'll be worth the waiting, since she's really one of the prettiest ladies of Mirabilia.

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Season of Growth HD

Just one tiny little HD in September, Season on Growth.

Season of Growth by Little House Needleworks
14ct Bisque Aida - DMC floss
July 2009 - September 2010

So the other three HD expected for this past month are still to be, but since I'm on holiday with really nothing to do until Monday 11th, I think I'll manage to finish at least The Tea Room and May Cat.

The reason why I didn't stitched a lot this month have been 3 school exams that I had to take, and since they've gone really well I consider them as 3 HD.

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Setting goals for September

Just 5 really achievable goals:
1.Finish May Cat by Margaret Sherry
2.Finish Season of Growth by LHN
3.Finish The Tea Room by LHN
4.Finish Forest Goddess by Mirabilia
5.Start Royal Holiday by Mirabilia

So, will this month see 4 happy dances?? We'll see...

Monday, 30 August 2010

Little Happy Dance

On saturday I've finished August cat, no. 8 out of 12 of the Calendar Cats by Margaret Sherry.

I'm finally starting to see the end of this big project, which I wanted to stitch in a year, a cat per month, while it's been on the wip list for three years now.
Still four cats to go, April and May (just a little of backstitching), July and December.
This is how it looks like right now.

The goal is to finish it by the end on the year.

Monday, 23 August 2010


Today I recived a lot of wonderful stash for future projects!

First two Mirabilia charts: Winter Queen and January's Garnet Fairy. I want to stitch them both next year.

Then other two charts, Spring Ride by Lanarte/Stoney Creek and Mermaid Heaven by Pinn

And finally the red and green accessory pack for Heirloom Christmas Sampler by Victoria Sampler

Along with the two Miras I wish to stitch Spring Ride and Heirloom Christmas Sampler next year.

I've alread figured out the Goals List for 2011, while I didn't made one for this year, because I knew that, especially during the first months I wouldn't have time to stitch at all, and so has happened. From now on I think I'll have more time, so I'll try finishing some wip, to have a 2010 finished list not so empty as the one of last year!

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Two belated gifts

These are two gifts that I've stitched last winter.
The first is an apron, on which I've stiched Camomilla from Herbs & Spices of Jeremiah Junction.
This was my Christmas gift for my mum.
Again from Herbs & Spices here you can see Cloves and Corriander stitched on a oven glove
This was my birthday gift for one of my boyfriend's aunt who turned 80 last fall.

Sunday, 28 February 2010

Wip recap no.2

Another proof that I'm unable to focus on small pieces: back last summer I've began the last of the seasonal pillow of LHN, Season of Growth. The other three are still waiting to see it finished.

Wip recap no.1

This is the last LHN that I've started, back on autumn 2008. It seems I'm unable to focus on little pieces, they always took ages to get finished.
Since I like to sticht seasonally, after autumn 2008, I've worked on it a little this past autumn, and I'll try to finish it this upcoming one.
Hope to be successfull!

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Hardanger second try

While my first try is still a wip, back this autumn I decided to stitch another hardanger doily as a Christmas gift for my boyfriend's mother.
The original idea was to make it as big as one of their tables, so I made my boyfriend measuring it to be able to re-chart the design to match the table exactly.
It was a heck of a job, and then it turned out soo tiny!
Because, silly me, I didn't consider at all the fabric count!
It was meant to be 20ct, while I made it on 28ct, so it came out even smaller than I thought!

Anyway, apart for the dimensions I'm really pleased as it turned out, and most of all my boyfriend's mother liked it a lot.

A belated Happy Dance!

On the very last day on 2009 I managed to finish Memoris by Just Nan

Memories by Just Nan
28ct jobelan Pewter by Zweigart
April 2008 - December 2009

Friday, 1 January 2010

2010 Goals! year, new goals!

Hoping to be a little more successful than last year, here they are:

1-Stitch Royal Holiday by Mirabilia
2-Finish Forest Goddess by Mirabilia
3-Finish page 2 and 3 of Paradigm lost and stitch page 4
4-Finish page 1 and stitch page 2 of C'è una strada nel bosco
5-Finish Calendar Cats
6-Stitch Spot of Autumn and Spot of Winter

and if there's still time:
1-Finish some LHN and CCN
2-Sticth some Christmas ornaments!

New Year!

Hello everyone!

I do really hope that this 2010 will be a better year, as for stitching, since 2009 wasn't good at all!

You can see this from my 2009 goal's review:
1 - Finish all the LHN, CCN wips: not one :-(
2 -Finish Memories and Calendar Cats: Memories finished on the very last day of the year, pic soon :-) but Calendar cats is still unfinished :-(
3 - Start and finish by December, 24th 2009 Royal Holiday by Mirabilia (anyone that would like to stitch it with me as a SAL is more than welcome!) I just say that this is my first goal for 2010!
4 - Stitch some new LHN and/or CCN: Sarted "Season of growth"
5 - Stitch the 4 Spot of by The Drawn Thread (already kitted up): Spring and summer done, autumn and Winter still to go.
6 - Stitch two pages of Paradigm Lost: Page 2 halfway done, the same for page 3.
7 - Finish page one of C'è una strada nel bosco: I haven't picked it up at all!

So very bad, as you can see! But I won't give up, I'm confident 2010 will be better, so....