Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Found the way to home

Hello dear stitchers!
I'm back!
Sorry for being away from the blog for 8 months!
The truth is that in these past months I did have very few time to stitching, so I didn't have many progress to show here.
I promise I'll try to do better in the future.

At the end of last year I stated a goal for 2008, and it was to read at least two books a month throughout the year. This was dued mostly to the fact that I keep buying books but I read just some. And I've been succesfull so far!

So I thought that if it worked for books it will work for stitching too!

So, I'll start planning from now on all my stitching.

November Goals
-Finish Season of Plenty (LHN)
-Finish the November Cat (Margaret Sherry)
-Start and complete Autumn Harvest (LHN)

In the meantime, I'll show the first progress of Season of Plenty

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