Wednesday, 5 November 2008

What I've done in 8 months

What I've done this past months?
Eight things in eight months...

First, I've stitched the Febrauary Cat

Second, I've started the March Cat

Third, I've finished Sunflower Sampler

Fourth, I've started Home of a Needleworker (LHN)

Fifth,I've started Memories by Just Nan

Sixth, I've realized this cushion as a wedding gift for my boyfirend's cousin (Vervaco)

Seventh, I've started Paradigm Lost by Long Dog Sampler

Eighth, I've realized this bib for a new born baby, child of a friend.

Found the way to home

Hello dear stitchers!
I'm back!
Sorry for being away from the blog for 8 months!
The truth is that in these past months I did have very few time to stitching, so I didn't have many progress to show here.
I promise I'll try to do better in the future.

At the end of last year I stated a goal for 2008, and it was to read at least two books a month throughout the year. This was dued mostly to the fact that I keep buying books but I read just some. And I've been succesfull so far!

So I thought that if it worked for books it will work for stitching too!

So, I'll start planning from now on all my stitching.

November Goals
-Finish Season of Plenty (LHN)
-Finish the November Cat (Margaret Sherry)
-Start and complete Autumn Harvest (LHN)

In the meantime, I'll show the first progress of Season of Plenty