Friday, 24 August 2007

Seasonal SAL

I've just joined a Season sal put up by Nicki. I think it's really a great idea. I've always wanted to be on a SAL, but I never asked to anyone before. This because all the SAL I saw so far are of really beautiful and (for me) difficult to stitch charts, Mirabilia, L&L and so on. I think I'm not yet good enogh at stitching to do these ones, even though I'm thinking about giving myself some Mirabilia charts as a Christmas present!
Anyway, since in this SAL I can stitch whichever chart I like, it just have got to be about a season, I thought I could do it.
The SAL begins Setember 1st and I haven't yet decided what to stitch. I've got two charts that could fit, but still can't decide which of the two pick.
One is "Calendar Cats" by Margaret Sherry: I've just bought it and stitched quite the half of the May cat. Now I could stitch September, October and November ones.
The second is a chart called "C'è una strada nel bosco" that means "There's a street in the wood", which is a autumnal scenary of a path in a wood, and I found it on a magazine. Also this has already been started, but it's so huge (for me, I bet many stitchers more expert than myself would find it little) and I'm such a slow stitcher that I think it'll take me ages to finish it!
Here they are:


Nicki said...

I like them both! Welcome to the SAL and to the blogging world :)

Valentina said...

The first comment on my blog!
Thanks a lot Nicki!