Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Already Forgotten?

I haven't "already forgotten" this blog! I know I post quite rarerly in here, but there's a reason: my internet connection, which is REALLY slow ( 56 kb/s). At this speed it takes really a long time to upload photos, and since this blog is about showing my stitching progress, photos are essential!
So this is why I post so rarely, because I've got to be in a real patience mood to be able to endure the sluggishness of the connection!
Sorry for the grammar, I feel it's very poor!

Saturday, 24 November 2007

A out-of-season finish!

On Thursday I finally finished Season of Hope by LHN. Started this spring it has been put aside for a few months, but now here it is. Two more to come to complete the series.

Saturday, 17 November 2007


You see, I'm lazy. This is why I update the blog so rarely and always with really short posts, sorry about that, I'll try to better myself.
About stitching progress, I stitch only for the seasonal sal these days. I've almost finished the November cat and put some stitches on the October one. However I don't think I'll have any time for stitching at all in the next to weeks, I've got to study more and this more includes evenings, my usual stitching time. Also I'm currentlty reading 5 books at a time that I really want to finish soon, so, as always, too many things to do and so few time to do them...

Sunday, 28 October 2007

Late again!

I'm late again with my stitching progress! With just three days of October left, I'm pretty sure I won't be able to finish the October Cat I'm stitching. Anyway this is what I've done so far.

Sunday, 7 October 2007

Already late!

Sorry for the two weeks absence, I've got a lot to do and very few free time, during which I stitched very little.
I didn't manage to finish my Setember Cat for the Seasonal Sal, so I decided to move on to the October cat, which I hope to begin tomorrow night.
I really need to get into a rotation, if I want to be able to keep on with all my wips (also the non stitching ones, as books to read and fanlist to update).
Anyway this is my last progress on Setember cat

Sunday, 23 September 2007

A Belated update n.4: Second Sal's progress

After three weeks this is how my September Cat looks like. I haven't stitched as much as I wanted to by now, but I still hope to be able to finish it by the end of the month.

A Belated update n.3: A touch of spring

With the new threads I put some stitches on Season of Hope. I'm not satisfied with this project because of the fabric. It's a piece of 14ct ecru Aida I bought a year ago and really I don't like it. It's like the older it gets the more the woof broadens and gets less tight. Sorry but I can't explain this any better.
Anyway this is my last progress on SOH.

A Belated update n.2 9/20/07

Today I recived the order from Sew and So: 30 gorgeous threads for my current and future projects!

A Belated update n. 1: 9/9/07

Exactly two weeks ago I finished Season of Rest. Now, finally, I show it. Someday it'll become a little pillow but really I don't know when.

Sunday, 16 September 2007

Last day of holiday

As I said... today is my last day of holiday. Not that I'm sad, I always loved being back to school, but this also means that my first year at university has alreay passed. Oh my God, I can't believe it!
And talking about university, this week I took my last exam and I passed it, which means that I managed to pass (and with good marks) all the exams I was due to pass in my first year! If someone would have told me so when I started it one year ago I wouldn't have believed him!
I think there are a lot of mistakes in these few lines, sorry about that!

As for stitching, this has been a crazy week since I stitched very few and on many things so the progresses are really too little to be shown.
Starting tomorrow I'll try to make a rotation and to stay stick to it.

And last but not least, big congratulations and wishing wells to my cousin Patrizia who's gatting married just today, in fact I should be getting dressed for the wedding right now!
So, better to go!

Friday, 7 September 2007

A Belated Happy Dance!

Two evenings ago I finished Daisy Lane Cottage by LHN. I started it sometimes in May, just put a few stitches on it and then I'd abandoned it, as always. Then I picked it up two weeks ago and now it's finished. Here it is:

Daisy Lane Cottage by Little House Needleworks
14 ct Bisque Aida
may 2007 - september 2007

Monday, 3 September 2007

First progress

Here's my first progress on September Cat from Calendar Cats for the seasonal sal. Another proof of my slowness as a stitcher: this is a two evenings progress... I know it's very little.

Anyway I just have to thank Nicki again for setting up this sal: stitching a cat a month for it I'll be able to finish this project in a year, while, without it, I think it would become another "just started and never ended" project of my.

Saturday, 1 September 2007

Seasonal Sal

I finally decided what to stitch for the Seasonal Sal, which starts today, and I chose Calendar Cats. I'll be stitching the three autumnal cats, one per month and if I'll finish before the end of the month I'll put some stitches on the other chart "A path in the wood".

Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Almost a finish

Sunday I managd to reach the end of Season of Rest. I know it's not finished, but I'm down of DMC 839 so the houses will have to wait until my next order to Sew and So to have their roofs. From the day I discoverd that on-line, I've always been buying floss from them, since they sold it at half the price it's sold in the shops of my neighbourhood.

Friday, 24 August 2007

Seasonal SAL

I've just joined a Season sal put up by Nicki. I think it's really a great idea. I've always wanted to be on a SAL, but I never asked to anyone before. This because all the SAL I saw so far are of really beautiful and (for me) difficult to stitch charts, Mirabilia, L&L and so on. I think I'm not yet good enogh at stitching to do these ones, even though I'm thinking about giving myself some Mirabilia charts as a Christmas present!
Anyway, since in this SAL I can stitch whichever chart I like, it just have got to be about a season, I thought I could do it.
The SAL begins Setember 1st and I haven't yet decided what to stitch. I've got two charts that could fit, but still can't decide which of the two pick.
One is "Calendar Cats" by Margaret Sherry: I've just bought it and stitched quite the half of the May cat. Now I could stitch September, October and November ones.
The second is a chart called "C'è una strada nel bosco" that means "There's a street in the wood", which is a autumnal scenary of a path in a wood, and I found it on a magazine. Also this has already been started, but it's so huge (for me, I bet many stitchers more expert than myself would find it little) and I'm such a slow stitcher that I think it'll take me ages to finish it!
Here they are:

Tuesday, 21 August 2007

A reading finish

Today I finished reading "The Pillars of the earth" by Ken Follet. I loved it.

It's really a great novel, I liked the medieval setting most of all. It's a great story which last throughout almost the 12th century. At the center of the story there's the construction of a cathedral in a small village of Southern England.
At the beginning we find Tom who's trying to find a job to support his family. He's a builder and his greatest dream is to build a cathedral. Finally he settles in Kingsbridge and begin building it. But it will be completed only after many years, troubles, voyages, cheats, love and money affairs, losses and wins.
Just some days ago I found out that a sequel of the book ( World without end) is about to come out. I'm really loking forward to it.

Sunday, 19 August 2007

My week so far...

This is a proof of my slowness at stitching: this week I only worked on Season of Rest and I haven't finished it. To be honest I can't finish it because I'm one floss down, but I haven't finished it beacuse of that.
Anyway this is it so far:
I know the photo isn't a great one, but to have it bright I had to take it outside, and outside is too hot for me, so I just took this one and then I ran in. I really hate hot weather.

Saturday, 11 August 2007

Do you want some music? Open the window!

As last year mid-Auguts holiday has arrived, and the ravers with it! In the wood near where I live there's a great area which officialy is of the Army but in reality is completley abandoned. It's quite far from any village, completly hidden in the wood, so someone thought it a great place for a rave party, which has now started yesterday and will go on at least till wednedsy! The problem is that they keep music so loud that I can clearly hear it even though they're at least 10 kilometers away from my house. People who live nearer can't actually sleep at night. And the problem is that they're so many that is impossible to send them away, also because techinically they're not breaking any law.

Shyness, cats and cross stitch

First of all, I'm shy. Not always, but quite often. Sometimes I'm really too shy.
I'm so shy I found it difficult even to comment on blogs! I nearly do it.
By the way, during this year of blog reading, I found out there are quite a number of cross stitcher that are really fond of cats, there are at least five: Carol, Karen, Katrina, Nicki, Veronica. I really love their work, they're a great inspiration for a newbie like myself. And I love their cat too. In fact I think I love all the cats in the world.
P.S. I'm a cross sticher and a cat lover too!

Little House Needleworks

This is my last stitching finishes:

Lavender Hill - Little House Needleworks
stitched: July-August 2007
14 ct bisque Aida, DMC Floss

I really like Little House Needleworks, I'm planning to stitch many projects of this brand. Now I'm working on Season of Rest, while Season of Hope is waiting for some floss to be finished.
Then I'll try make them into pillows, even though I'm not really fond of my sewing abilities...
One year ago I started The Bookshelf which is half way trough, but it has been parked for some months because I realised I made a mistake and it'll take a little bit to undo it, which is a thing I really hate to do.

Sunday, 5 August 2007

Already Forgotten

Why I called this blog like that? Becuase I thought of another name, but when the time came to open the blog and give that name to it...I had already forgotten it!

And why my adresss is "I want red hair"? First of all because it was the first available adress of all that I tried, and second, because I really do want to have red hair because it would match with my really pale skin and my green eyes!


Here I am... first post in here, and first post in English, hope I don't mess it up.
Why this blog? Because I feel the need to express myself in English, which is not my language. But I love it so much, much more than my language (which is Italian). I can't tell why things are like that but anyway, this is it.